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PlanetSide 2's engine will feature weather effects. The developers want weather to have a "dramatic impact" on gameplay over and above mere graphical effects.


In a Reddit post, user iceuhk posted a lengthy question about the possible impact different types of weather have on gameplay elements. The response from SOE's Matt Higby was as follows:[1]

We want the weather to have dramatic effects on what is happening in the game, way beyond just visible effects. So, yes, some of the things you're talking about are the sort of things we're wanting to do with weather.

This suggests some of the following points taken from the question are being considered for the game:

  • Thunderstorms, hurricanes and earthquakes
  • Rain affecting vehicle handling
  • Lightning strikes affecting facilities, assets and weapons
  • Magnetic storms impacting weapons fire, radar, command network
  • Blizzards/sandstorms, slowing movement speed and reducing visibility.

Obviously this is speculation.