Points Of Interest

Points of Interest

Here follows a by-no-means-exhaustive list of small pieces of interesting information, that have either not yet been filed in the wiki or are not necessarily appropriate elsewhere.

  • There will be no free-form inventory system
  • Orbital strikes will return!
  • Contrary to rumours there are no plans for a PS3 version
  • The game will "hopefully" be available on Steam but this is not yet known for sure.
  • TR vehicles do not require an extra man
  • Bailing out of aircraft will require a specific certification, apart from the Galaxy.
  • MAX units will have flamethrowers.
  • There could be 3 Heavy Assault weapons /per empire/! This can include either anti-infantry or anti-air.
  • Friendly Fire is ON
  • Upon logging in, we will be presented with a world map. From there we can see active missions and jump straight into the action.
  • Facilities will have automatic defences and generators (although different to PS1).
  • In the current build the facilities do not have specific bonuses, although this may change.