The Outfit System

PlanetSide 2 sounds like it's going to have extensive support for outfits. They will have numerous benefits, specializations and abilities.

It has been confirmed that the leadership skill tree is not required to establish and manage outfits, although outfits themselves will have their own skill trees.

Matt Higby is keen on the idea of outfit-based tournament modes, however this is unlikely to be in the game at launch.

There will be a facility in the game for outfit leaders and high-ranked commanders to communicate with each other, and possibly outfit alliances.[3]


Some of the benefits outfits mentioned so far:

  • Sandbox areas for creating custom Outfit buildings
  • Command Rank, or equivalent
  • Special outfit certifications


Outfits can specialize in certain aspects of combat. For example, an outfit specializing in Heavy Armour will have buffs to tank skills.


Outfits can be broken up into Divisions… engineering, light assault, and so forth. It may be possible to train different outfit specializations for different divisions.[1]


In an interview with Machinima, Matt Higby mentioned that Outfits may be able to deploy their own custom towers. These towers could be captured by enemy factions, thus giving extra incentive for outfits to defend their own turf.[2]

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