The new Galaxy dropship

The Galaxy dropship

The Galaxy is a large dropship for transporting entire squads into the heat of the battle. This may not include MAX units and small vehicles as before.

The total capacity is 12 units including 4 gunner positions. The guns can be customized to be anti-air weapons.

The role of the Galaxy has been expanded in Planetside 2; as well as acting like a dropship the Galaxy can now become a deployable base. After landing on the battlefield it provides spawn tubes and equipment terminals to troops. Any class can then spawn at these spawn tubes.

The 4 gunner positions remain active to provide a basic level of defence for the spawn point. [1][2]

The Galaxy can only be spawned at Tech plants and warpgates. Unlike other aircraft, no certification is required in order to bail out of the Galaxy.

Name Type Empire Weapons Capacity Unlocks
Galaxy Troop Transport - Air Common Pool 4 12 Unknown

2. - Official Planetside 2 update