Commander Overview

Commanders lead squads of troops in to battle, unlike the original Planetside commanding will be accessed through the certification tree and not through command rank, there will also be access to command features in outfits. When leading, commanders can send their squads on missions and earn squad level buffs.

Commander Specialisation

Players can specialise as commanders through the skill tree. There are "several" skill trees related to leadership. Specialising in leadership would mean sacrificing progression elsewhere.

Command Rank

Command Rank has been confirmed.

Squad Spawning

Highly-specced squad leaders will be able to permit their squad-mates to spawn on them. It is thought that this will take the form of an advanced certification in the leadership skill tree. We know the following about the system so far:

  • Your squad leader needs to be highly specialised
  • It cannot be done indoors (squad members are dropped in a capsule as in the HART)
  • There will be a cooldown based on your squad leader's level
  • It is not designed to be your primary method of spawning in


Outfits will contribute to the command system in some way.